Keep Them Safe Whole-Family Teams

Keep Them Safe Whole-Family Teams (KTS-WFT) were established in 2010 in Nowra, Lismore, Newcastle, and Gosford. The establishment and implementation of the KTS-WFTs aims to address the needs of whole families where carers have mental health and/or substance use problems and parenting difficulties.

KTS-WFTs provide specialist comprehensive assessments; case management; and specialist group, family, and individual interventions over a six-month period. In addition, the teams coordinate, link, and network with other support services to ensure that clients can be treated in a holistic manner, and can continue to receive support following intervention.

KTS-WFTs are now in the implementation phase, with all four teams receiving referrals from Community Services. A KTS-WFT Implementation Group has been established to provide a governance structure that aims to promote ongoing collaborative partnerships in the planning, coordination, and implementation of KTS-WFT with key stakeholders at the local level.

An external organisation was contracted to develop a KTS-WFT evaluation framework to guide evaluation of the pilots over the fouryear funding period.

More information is available in the Keep Them Safe Annual Report 2010-11.