Sexualised behaviour program for children under 10

The aim of this service is to strengthen therapeutic intervention for children under 10 years of age who display harmful sexualised behaviours.

The current service, based within the existing Kaleidoscope Sexualised Behaviour Program, continues to experience high demand. The service provides individual treatment and community education, including to foster and kinship carers, in managing sexualised behaviour. The service provides outreach in their local service area. The program has been enhanced under Keep Them Safe through the funding of two positions: a therapeutic position and a project officer.

The therapeutic position, based in Newcastle, has been providing training and advice to general clinicians across the Hunter New England Local Health District in order to build capacity within the sector. The recruitment of this position has resulted in more children who display harmful sexualised behaviours having access to, and being supported by, the service. This increased service capacity also contributes to ensuring that other children (e.g. in the same school and community) are safe.

More information on this program is available in the Keep Them Safe Annual Report 2010-11.