Child Wellbeing Units

The Wood Special Commission of Inquiry into Child Protection Services in NSW revealed that NSW had one of the lowest thresholds for reporting in Australia, resulting in the Child Protection Helpline being overwhelmed with reports about children who, while not receiving ideal care and whose families were in need of support, did not require the critical step of statutory intervention.

In response to this finding, Child Wellbeing Units (CWUs) were established in the four government agencies responsible for the largest number of child protection reports: NSW Health, NSW Police Force, and Department of Education and Communities.

Trained staff in CWUs assist mandatory reporters within their agencies to use the Mandatory Reporter Guide and ensure that all concerns that reach the threshold of risk of significant harm are reported to the Child Protection Helpline.

Where concerns do not meet the new threshold, information about the child or young person will be entered into WellNet, the CWU database. This information is only visible to staff in other CWUs, which assists in assessing cumulative risk of harm. CWU assessment officers help mandatory reporters to identify services available within their own agency, or in other organisations, which could support the family.

CWUs began operations on 24 January 2010. Contact details are available within relevant agencies on intranets and phone directories.

More information is available in the Child Wellbeing Unit Factsheet. For the non-government sector and those agencies without a CWU, please read the Child Wellbeing Units: Agencies without a CWU Factsheet.