Interim Review

The Interim Review was intended to provide a snapshot of progress in implementing KTS at roughly the half-way point in this five-year reform. It focused on workforce, cultural, practice and systems changes, and on how this translates into support for children, young people and families.  It was also a formative evaluation, designed to guide the further implementation of KTS and provide benchmark information for the Outcomes Evaluation, and did not primarily seek to evaluate the impact or outcomes of KTS.

The Interim review consists of six components, along with the Interim Review Report itself. Each of the published reports is available for download on the left of this page. The six components are:

  1. A Review of Actions, showing progress against the commitments made in the KTS Action Plan.
  2. A Spatial Analysis, providing a geographic representation of alignment between KTS investment and need across NSW.
  3. A Workforce Survey, seeking the views of mandatory reporters on the impact of KTS on their beliefs and practices.
  4. A Location-Based Evaluation, consisting of in-depth interviews conducted in three locations around NSW.
  5. A Synthesis of evaluations of individual KTS initiatives.
  6. Reporting the first tranche of data against KTS performance indicators.