Review of Actions

The Review of Actions was produced by the Evaluation Team in DPC. It reports on progress in implementing the commitments made in the KTS Action Plan at roughly halfway through the roll out of KTS. It also discussed some of the major delays and causes of delays in each of the seven aspects of the child protection system addressed by the seven chapters of the Action Plan.

The Review of Actions began by observing that the KTS Action Plan laid out an ambitious timeframe, especially given its scale and scope. Implementation of numerous “immediate” actions was to be substantially completed within six months (i.e. by September 2009); a large number of “short-term” commitments were to be substantially implemented between March and September 2010; and a small number of “long-term actions” were to be substantially implemented by March 2012.

The Review found that implementation often took longer than originally anticipated, but as of December 2012 most initiatives had either been established and are ongoing, or had been completed. With a very small number of exceptions, implementation of the remainder was on schedule according to revised timetables.

The Report identified three factors are identified as having contributed to most of the significant delays. First was interdependencies between initiatives, which meant that small delays in one initiative could cause further delays elsewhere. Second was the need to cooperate with the Commonwealth, local government and local communities. Third was unanticipated difficulties with recruitment and with workforce capacity more generally. In addition, it noted that several initiatives were delayed by the need to consider all options, while a small number did not proceed following consideration of those options. The Report can be downloaded here