Workforce survey

The Workforce Survey was conducted on behalf of the Evaluation Steering Committee by KPMG in early May 2012, and gathered 5,735 responses suitable for analysis.

The results suggest that KTS has had a broadly positive impact on the workforce, but that the progress of different elements of KTS has been somewhat variable. Around half of all respondents thought that the KTS reforms have, overall, had a positive impact on their work practices and abilities in areas such as referrals, case management, information sharing and collaboration. Between a quarter and a half of all respondents thought KTS overall has positively impacted on meeting the needs of children, young people and families, and almost three-quarters of respondents agreed or strongly agreed with the statement "I believe that responding to child protection concerns is a shared responsibility". Consistent with the findings of the Spatial Analysis, the progress of many elements of KTS has aligned with the distribution of funding or level of investment (i.e. there were generally more positive responses to the survey in areas with higher funding). KPMG's report can be downloaded here, and the detailed appendices are available here.

The Workforce Survey 2014 will help the NSW Government to assess whether and how things have changed since the 2012 interim review.