Evaluation Framework

The Evaluation Framework for KTS was developed by the Social Policy Research Centre (SPRC) at the University of New South Wales. It is a comprehensive document, which lays out program logics for the major components of KTS and proposes broadly-scoped, integrated evaluation activities to assess them. It also included a set of detailed appendices.

Further work was required to prioritise the activities and the application of proposed key performance indicators. In August 2010, the Keep Them Safe Senior Officers Group requested that the Department of Premier and Cabinet seek independent advice on prioritising the actions proposed by the Evaluation Framework, and on developing a four-year implementation plan for the evaluation.

Implementation Plan

The Implementation Plan was developed by Urbis Pty Ltd in response to this decision, and was finalised in April 2011. It focuses evaluation activity on measuring outcomes that can be attributed specifically to the Keep Them Safe reforms. In particular, it seeks to measure outcomes for targeted population groups, and the movement of families through the service system (i.e. universal services, targeted early intervention and prevention programs for vulnerable and at-risk families, and statutory services for families where risk of significant harm exists).

Interim Review

Consistent with the Implementation Plan, the government undertook an Interim Review of Keep Them Safe during calendar year 2012. The Interim Review plan is available for download here.