Reporting children at risk

Now the new threshold of risk of significant harm has come into effect:

  • Mandatory reporters employed in Government agencies (Health, Education, Police and Human Services) that have a Child Wellbeing Unit (CWU) in their agency can call their CWU for help in identifying whether a case meets the new threshold of risk of significant harm; however, if the Mandatory Reporter Guide indicates there is risk of significant harm, they should contact the Child Protection Helpline directly.
  • Mandatory reporters employed by non-government organisations (NGOs) or by government agencies without a CWU will still report matters where they believe a child is at risk of significant harm to the Child Protection Helpline on 133 627.
  • The general public will continue to make reports to the Child Protection Helpline by calling 132 111.

Guidance on making a child protection report is available from the Child Wellbeing & Child Protection - NSW Interagency Guidelines.

Mandatory reporters in NGOs, including General Practitioners who need assistance in using the Mandatory Reporter Guide, can call the KTS Support Line on 1800 772 479.