Aboriginal Impact Statement

Aboriginal Kids

Keep Them Safe commits the government to developing an Aboriginal Impact Statement that will be used by all government agencies to assess how each action under Keep Them Safe will contribute to improving outcomes for Aboriginal children, young people, and their families.

Possible approaches to the development of a Keep Them Safe Aboriginal Impact Statement were discussed at an Aboriginal Stakeholders Consultation Forum held in August 2009.

A Keep Them Safe Aboriginal Impact Statement has been developed, taking into account comments made at the forum, other stakeholder meetings, and written comments received from government agencies and NGOs.

The statement is based on the NSW Health Aboriginal Health Impact Statement, which the consultation forum agreed provided a suitable model for Keep Them Safe. Further performance indicators will be developed as part of the overall Keep Them Safe Evaluation Framework.

Keep Them Safe would like to thank all the organisations and individuals who provided comments on the draft statement. As evaluating the impacts of Keep Them Safe on Aboriginal children and young people is an ongoing process, the Department of Premier and Cabinet would welcome any further comments on the statement.

For more information, read the Measuring impact of reforms on Aboriginal families media release (16 March 2010).