Expanded services

While Keep Them Safe has resulted in the creation of new systems and services, such as Family Referral Services, Child Wellbeing Units, and Family Case Management, other existing services have also been funded, expanded, or enhanced through Keep Them Safe, including:

  • Extra places for the expansion of the early intervention program, Brighter Futures, which links vulnerable families with a range of support services including child care, parenting programs, and home visiting.
  • Increased out-of-home (OOHC) care support, including OOHC coordinators to improve the health and educational outcomes of children and young people in OOHC.
  • New whole-family teams to assist where children and young people are at-risk because of their parent’s drug and alcohol problems and/or mental health issues.
  • Funding for services to support children whose parents have a mental illness.
  • Changes to the Children’s Court, including the identification of an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) model.
  • New sustained health home visiting services for at-risk mothers (employs specialist child and family nurses to work intensively with vulnerable families in pregnancy and in the first two years of a child’s life).
  • More Home School Liaison Officers and Aboriginal Liaison Officers to support children attending school.
  • Trial of a model for keeping children in Aboriginal families safe, that involves working with family and community members.
  • Intensive Family Preservation to support children within their families, where appropriate.
  • Intensive Aboriginal Family Based Services for intensive help for Aboriginal families where children are at-risk and to support their families to care for them.