eLearning presentation

Between mid-October 2009 and late January 2010, 560 face-to-face information sessions were run by TAFE in locations throughout NSW. These sessions were designed to present the core content of the Keep Them Safe reforms.

The information session has been developed and made available as an interactive eLearning presentation (Dec 2009), which takes about two hours to work through.

Recommended internet browsers are Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari. If you do not have a fast and reliable internet connection, you can request a copy of the eLearning presentation on DVD. If you work for a non-government organisation, please contact us for a copy of the DVD. If you work for a government agency, please contact the relevant person in your organisation.

The eLearning presentation can also be used in conjunction with the Information Sessions: Facilitator's Guide and the Information Sessions: Participant's Manual, for organisations to run their own internal group training sessions. (Please note that these resources, designed for the three-hour face-to-face sessions, do differ from the content of the eLearning session in some areas.)