Phase 2 Information resources

The Phase 1 information session period delivered during October 2009 – January 2010 was further enhanced by a second round of information sessions. These information sessions were conducted by TAFE NSW during March – June 2010.

These sessions were directed at the non-government and early childhood sectors and focussed on such topics as changes to the child protection system, new services, the use of the Mandatory Reporter Guide (MRG), information exchange, and interagency collaboration.

Please note that some of the following resources are quite large and can take some time to download on slower internet connections. Those organisations in regional areas, or who experience difficulties accessing these resources online, can request a CD.

Early childhood sector

Recognising a specific information need in the early childhood sector, TAFE NSW and ACWA developed course materials that targeted early childhood workers, with content focussed on the new reporting threshold, use of the MRG, and early childhood case studies. The TAFE NSW sessions were delivered over 2.5 hours and the training resources have been made available below for early childhood organisations and employers to conduct their own in-house group information sessions.

Early Childhood PowerPoint slides (TAFE NSW)
Early Childhood Facilitator’s Guide (TAFE NSW)
Early Childhood Participants Manual (TAFE NSW)

Early Childhood Facilitator's Guide (ACWA)
Early Childhood Participants Workbook (ACWA)

Non-government sector

Information sessions for the non-government sector were conducted by TAFE NSW and Association of Childrens Welfare Agencies (ACWA). These sessions ran for 2 hours and mainly focussed on the practical use of the MRG, with case studies to support discussion and deeper learning of concepts and situations.

The training materials have been made available for non-government organisations and employers to facilitate their own information sessions within small groups.

Please note that the original training sessions were delivered as face-to-face sessions that had a practical focus on the MRG. This practical focus was achieved through the use of electronic keypad technology that allowed users to participate in choosing the decision tree they felt was most appropriate. These training materials can still be used in face-to-face sessions without the keypad technology.

Non-government sector PowerPoint slides (TAFE NSW)
Non-government sector Facilitator’s Guide (TAFE NSW)
Non-government sector Participants Manual (TAFE NSW)